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America’s failing power infrastructure 

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3172927459President Trump will soon present a draft budget to Congress—a key step in implementing the administration’s agenda and signaling policy priorities. President Trump has vowed to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, a promise we believe needs to include modernizing our nation’s electricity grid. Our grid, the powerlines and power stations that deliver our electricity, was designed decades ago, and it’s still primarily focused on large, centralized, fossil fuel-fired power plants. Tell the White House that rebuilding America’s infrastructure should include modernizing our nation’s outdated, inefficient electricity grid and funding the critical projects, programs, and agencies that will move our country to a renewable energy future.


Rabbit farming and EU

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Rabbits are the second most farmed animahqdefaultls in Europe, but they aren’t protected by species-specific laws. Every year, an estimated 320 million* rabbits are incarcerated in overcrowded, barren cages and lead truly horrific lives.Together, we can change this. But we need to show MEPs how to vote. We need to put them face-to-face with the facts, and with the animals they must protect. Please, if you can, back the rabbit billboard invasion and fight to End the Cage Age.

Lovetrue a Dogwoof movie

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LoveTrue is the stunning new film from Bombay Beach director Alma Har’el. Executive produced by Shia LaBeouf and featuring an original score from Flying Lotus, LoveTrue opens in cinemas tomorrow; there will be special Valentine’s Day ❤ screenings on Tuesday across the UK.

Snares in Scotland

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Snares are used across Scotland primarily to catch foxes on shooting estates. However, they are indiscriminate in what they catch and often capture protected species like badgers and otters as well as mountain hares, hedgehogs, deer, and family pets.
So far over 750 people have taken the action. If you haven’t added your name yet, then there’s still time to do it!foxsnarememe2

We want Scottish politicians to demand a complete ban on snares, but we need your help to make this happen. They need to know that their constituents want them to do it. It only takes a few seconds to do and it will automatically email your MSPs asking them to support a Snare-Free Scotland.

Please feel free to share this email with your family, friends and colleagues and encourage them to contact their MSPs too.