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A place I enjoy walking my dogs is along the banks of the Clyde, locally known as the Clyde Walkway which stretches from Lanark to Glasgow. An enjoyable walk, but due to funding, not well kept, although some locals do pick up litter, a lot of people do use the facilities but do not pick up and take their trash home with them, which is a shame. Anyway, these two photographs were taken one night whilst out with my big dog Tyson.


Pentland Hills

March 5, 2017 Leave a comment

Managed to get up Tinto with weather cold, but photography wise, looking good. Took my Tamrac rucksack up with me as its a saturday bag and has room for all the stuff I take with me without being too heavy. I have since purchased a few ARC system attachments for it to incorporate a water bottle, my filters, and my flash gun. Although the flash gun pocket does not seam quite secure and is definitely not weatherproof. Maybe use this for something else. Anyway, got a few great photos at the top looking on to the Pentland Hills. I will upload the rest to my Flikr site which can be viewed at the bottom right of this page. Anyone wishing to purchase any, please feel free to email me.