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Licence refused for South Lakes Safari Zoo 

As you may have heard already, it is with cautious relief that I tell you that the council unanimously decided to refuse the Zoo Licence application from David Gill for South Lakes Safari Zoo. I have been wanting to update you sooner but the past weeks have continued to be non-stop, dealing with press and queries. 
On the day of the hearing, we were there to present our case against this licence application. It was sad and frustrating to hear from zoo inspectors how much the animals had suffered at this zoo. To hear the decision to refuse was exhilarating and a big relief.

But soon after the joy, I realised that this was not the real battle – the animals are not safe yet. We have a much tougher fight on our hands.

A second zoo licence application has been submitted for Cumbria Zoo Co. Ltd. to take over the zoo. We must stop this application being granted!

At least some of the key management who are named under Cumbria Zoo Co Ltd were in similar roles at South Lakes Safari Zoo. They have been involved over the years when serious welfare concerns and deaths have taken place. How can they then be considered to take over the zoo?

Please donate now to fight for a better future for the animals at the zoo 

We have less than two weeks to submit our report against this recent application, to try to convince the zoo to refuse it and shut the zoo down for good. 

We are sure you agree that we should give the animals the chance to live out the best lives possible going forward, not to be used in some kind of experiment to see if the next owner can do a better job.

Please, if you can, donate before the 24th March so we can prepare the strongest possible case against this company who want to continue to exploit animals for profit.

The ultimate question is, what is best for the animals? Haven’t they been through enough? We think so. This zoo needs to be closed once and for all so please help if you can. 

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