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What a difference a week has made for spider monkey Zumba! ​

A week ago today, we were tracking a circus around the capital city of Peru, Lima, following confirmation that a monkey had been seen. This is in violation of Peru’s ban on animal circuses and their new animal welfare act. 

Since we seized the animals from Peru’s circuses and relocated them, we and our supporters and partner organisations in Peru have been alert to anyone breaking the law. We had to make sure circuses knew there would be penalties if they used animals again. So, as we continued to track the circus, a flurry of calls and plans were made with government officials and on Sunday we moved in, alongside wildlife officers and police. That was Zumba’s last day in the circus.

The owner of the circus was arrested and will be prosecuted. It was important to show Peru will have zero tolerance for the use of wild animals in circuses, and of course, sweet Zumba is our 110th rescued animal during this whole operation.​

In the first instance, Zumba was taken into temporary custody in a zoo, although under ADI’s care (our own temporary custody centre has now been dismantled). The ADI team enriched the enclosure and gave him lots of attention, and he has clearly been enjoying himself swinging around on the ropes!

Before Zumba could be moved to his permanent home at our sanctuary partner where we have Pepe and the other monkeys, our veterinary team sedated him and performed a full examination, samples taken for testing, as well as neutering him to prevent breeding. The new animal protection legislation also requires specific new permits and tests to be carried out to ensure the health of the animals at his new home.

With your help we will be taking Zumba back to the Amazon forest where he will be carefully introduced to Pepe and our other rescued spider monkeys. Zumba will be a perfect addition to their family!

We will be flying Zumba to Iquitos and then it will be a ride along the river to Pilpintuwasi, to move next door to his new family so that he can get to know them!

Can you help get Zumba home?


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