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Brexit and the good food act

Factory farming is a machine; a relentless, hungry machine that devours forests and empties oceans in order to feed farm animals kept cramped and suffering in intensive farms.

Stop the Machine!

The farm animals aren’t the only ones that suffer. The habitats of our most precious wildlife are being destroyed to grow vast acres of protein, to fatten farm animals as quickly as possible. Half of our wildlife has been wiped out in the past 40 years, and the biggest cause is food production.
In the UK we have a unique chance to change the course of history. A new vision of food production could end cruel factory farming, and save wildlife at home and abroad from extinction. Right now the Government is considering which direction it wants to take UK farming after Brexit. Let our leaders know they need to make the right choice, away from factory farming, and towards a ‘Good Food Act’ that protects – amongst other important food standards – farm animals, wildlife and all of our futures.

Good Food Act

The heartless and faceless factory farming machine consumes more calories than it produces. It’s so powerful, the animals don’t stand a chance.

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