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Have you heard the news

Did you catch this morning’s NPR report on animal experimentation?
In case you missed it, here’s the short version: Animal models don’t work.

Hardly a revelation, right? We know it. You know it. And, as it turns out, even the scientific community knows it.

NPR reported that “scientists know that animals are unreliable stand-ins for humans, but they use them anyway.” But why? Why continue to use flawed, outdated models that aren’t predictive of human response?

The answer, essentially, is “because it’s what they’ve always done.”

The defense of the continued use of these failed models hinges on words like “culture,” “institution” and “momentum.” NPR observed that “entire scientific communities are built up around mice, rats and other animals.”

Meanwhile…time, money and countless lives are lost due to false starts, dead ends and results that do not translate to humans.

But your support can change that.

Scientists continue to test on animals because it’s what they know and it’s what’s expected of them. And as NPR succinctly put it: “Many scientists are reluctant to take a risk that could jeopardize their careers.”

NAVS is proud to be leading the way toward helping scientists break free of this vicious cycle of reliance on animal models. We’re providing much-needed grants to early career researchers who are developing innovative alternatives to animal experiments. And you can help.

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