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CAPS shows zoos are worthless

April 14, 2017 Leave a comment

Research by CAPS into zoos in Wales is out now! Their research into the conservation status of species in Wales shows, yet again, that zoos are making false conservation claims.

Here are the top five facts revealed from research into zoos in Wales:

Only 9% of species are endangered in the wild

Only 17% of species are threatened in the wild

84% of mammals; 95% of birds; 93% of reptiles; 79% of amphibians are not endangered

The most common species held in Welsh zoos are the house mouse and guinea pig

Of the top ten most commonly held species held in Welsh zoos, only two are threatened in the wild

Barn owls, veiled chameleons, meerkats, cabybaras, tawny eagles, two-toed sloth… all of these animals face a lifetime in captivity despite being classed as ‘least concern’ conservation status. This means that they are not threatened or endangered. All of these animals are deprived of their natural lives in wild, deprived of their freedom to experience the full lives they deserve.

This weekend is the perfect weekend to show that you are not happy about zoos holding animals in captivity. Easter weekend is a busy time for zoos with many people choosing to visit to see the animals which makes it a perfect time for spreading the word! Many protests will be happening in the UK and Ireland and there may be one near you that you can attend. 
Whilst the Easter period sadly involves animal exploitation, together we can educate, speak out and take a stand against it.