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Urgent appeal

NoToDogMeat has been trying each month to raise funds to continue the care of the 400 dogs and 40 cats in our Beijing Shelter which was built and is managed by Chinese activist and hero Mr Zhao. As you can imagine it costs a great deal of money to feed so many hungry animals every day and Mr Zhao is struggling.Please could anyone help with an urgent one-off donation, whatever you can afford, so we can help him keep the shelter open? This really is an urgent appeal.


Our simple form allows you to easily make a single donation,which would go to support the dogs and cats at the shelter. Or if you would like to continue to support our work into the future you can set up a regular monthly payment. You reall so have it in your power to make a difference.

Thank you for caring.

If you are not set up to donate electronically, cheques can also be sent to World Protection For Dogs and Cats In The Meat Trade, 17 Cavendish Square, London, England W1G 0PH

If you have any spare change in pay pal, you can also use pay pal directly without using the donate form, sending money to the email address info@notodogmeat.com saying you are sending money to a friend.

Mr Zhao and especially his beautiful dogs and cats will really appreciate your help.

Please make a contribution today

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