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Message from OneKind

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In last weekend’s Scotland on Sunday [1], we called on the Scottish Government not to settle with regulating fox hunting but to ban it for good. 

Scotland was meant to have banned fox hunting back in 2002. But loopholes in the ban mean that there are still ten mounted hunts operating in Scotland, as there were before the ban, and about 800 foxes are thought to be killed by hunts every year. They suffer horrifically, with many dying as they are ripped apart by hounds [2].
For years, we have been pushing for the loopholes in the ‘ban’ to be closed so that fox hunting ends for good, and in 2016 these calls were finally heard. Lord Bonomy was commissioned to review the law and he recently published his report. We now know that the law in Scotland will be changed. The question is whether it will result is a real fox hunting ban or whether the Scottish Government will compromise with the powerful hunting lobby and opt to regulate hunting instead. Our fear is that unless we all make ourselves heard, this is what will happen.​

In the Summer of 2015 the SNP made a dramatic intervention in Westminster that prevented the Conservative-led Government from proceeding with their plans to undermine the fox hunting ban in England and Wales. Angus Robertson, the SNP leader in Westminster and now deputy party leader, said: 

“We totally oppose fox hunting and, when there are moves in the Scottish parliament to review whether the existing Scottish ban is strong enough, it is in the Scottish interest to maintain the existing ban in England and Wales”.

But now, two years on, it looks like the Scottish Government are giving in to the hunting lobby. Instead of consulting on a complete fox hunting ban they are considering proposals to regulate fox hunting and to introduce voluntary protocols. 

At the same time, strengthening the Scottish ban could not be more important. If the General Election results in a large Conservative majority the Hunting Act may well be back on the firing line. A real ban in Scotland will help weaken any attempt to weaken the Hunting Act in England and Wales. 

We have to keep the pressure on the Scottish Government, but to do that we need your help.

We appreciate the immense support you already give us by being a member, but if you’d like to make an extra one off donation to help us fight this campaign we would be extremely grateful.

A small financial contribution will help us to step up our efforts to end fox hunting in Scotland for good, and would allow us to lobby more MSP’s, pay for advertising, organise events and turn-up the heat on the Scottish Government. 

OneKind is a small but highly effective charity, and we are entirely people powered. We do not receive any government funding or lottery money and we rely solely on voluntary donations, from kind people just like you. Thank you so much for all you do for animals and for the support you give us – we couldn’t do it without you.

Harry, Sarah, Maree and the Onekind team

[1] Article in Scotland on Sunday, 16/04/2017

[2] This post-morten demonstrates why Scotland should ban fox hunting for real


Message from IFW

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Each year, IFAW and special guests come together to celebrate and say thank you to passionate and dedicated people who make a difference for animals, at a unique ceremony at the House of Lords.

Nominate someone special

At last year’s ceremony, award winners included:
Glasgow vet Ruby Shorrock, who runs free community clinics treating the dogs of homeless people.

Sheffield schoolgirl Storm Burgess, who has raised more than £6,000 for animal causes.

Dan Sidley, who set up the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital to rescue, rehabilitate and release sick or injured swans.

We also recognised a special animal of the year and are looking for your animal nominations for 2017.

2016’s Animal of the Year was a 12-year-old springer spaniel called Roscoe, whose keen sense of smell has helped London Fire Brigade investigators sniff out the cause of hundreds of suspicious fires around the Capital and beyond.

Nominate an animal today

We will be presenting our Animal Action Awards in October and need your nominations by 30 May.

You will need to include:

Your contact information and the information of the person or animal you are nominating;

A description of the work the nominee has done for animals and what kind of animals they work with;

Why you think she/he is deserving of an Animal Action Award and anything interesting you would like to share with us about them.

Help us find this year’s winners and give them the recognition they deserve!