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Message from NAVS

There are animals confined in cages, being subjected to harmful experiments in the name of science right now.
Highly intelligent monkeys, never able to swing from a tree—instead, they are caged, fitted with electrodes and used for neurological experiments, despite significant differences from people.

Sociable, fun-loving beagles don’t have a chance to play fetch—they’re left alone in metal cages and injected with experimental drugs for pharmacological research, because these trusting and gentle dogs are easy to handle. 

Despite being known to be empathetic and capable of “giggles,” mice can’t scurry through a field—because they are bred or genetically designed to develop cancer, muscular dystrophy or any number of painful human diseases. And even if a cure is found for the mice, the chances of that cure translating to humans is slim, making their sacrifices wasteful and cruel.     

Many forget, or choose not to think about, what is happening to animals like these and the millions of others like them needlessly suffering in laboratories. But we trust that you, as a NAVS supporter, do not forget them.

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