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Pig save acquittal plus Kentucky Derby opportunity

Wonderful news from Canada: Anita Krajnc, the defendant in the Toronto Pig Save trial, has been acquitted, and has made every Canadian paper and the front page of the national paper. In the US, however, the animal news this weekend is all about the Kentucky Derby.The general tone of the press in Canada is reflected in the opinion piece that appeared on the front page of the Friday, May 5, National Post, titled, 

“What a total waste of time; Court system has itself to blame for delays.”

Christie Blatch Ford’s piece discusses the shortage of resources in the Canadian judicial system and writes, “It’s in this light that the trial of animal rights activist Anita Krajnc might be considered.” 

But while the trial was a shocking waste of time and money for the Canadian government, it was beautifully spent by Krajnc and her legal team. Any kind person would commend the act of giving water to a thirsty pig bound for slaughter, but my own activism focus leads me to commend all involved on their media savvy, which led Krajnc’s actions to have a beautiful far-reaching impact. The following lines, of aside, from Blatch Ford’s piece exemplify it:

“(In the interests of full disclosure, let it be known that I have a white-and-pink English bull terrier, aka ‘a pig dog’, so named for its magnificent resemblance to a pig – big pig ears, piggy sort of snout and body, sort of dogs in pig skin. Balancing off that bias, I eat bacon, or at least I did until I read the expert report of Dr. Lori Marino, a neuroscientist who testified at trial. Her evidence was that in fact pigs are dog-like, every bit as sentient and capable of feelings as dogs are. They are also ridiculously cute, but that’s just my view.)”

You’ll find the whole article on line at http://tinyurl.com/n5y498d

The National Post takes letters at letters@nationalpost.com But Canadians, I hope you will also write to your local paper. I am sure we are all incredibly pleased with the verdict and grateful to Anita Krajnc for refusing to take a plea, spending two years in the legal system in order to get the issue such fantastic attention. We can all take five minutes to dash a couple of lines off to the editor commending the verdict and making some point about our treatment of other species – perhaps encouraging people to rethink their diets. If you don’t know the correct email address for a letter to your editor, and can’t find it with a quick Google search, then I am happy to help, and I hope you will store it for future regular use. Animals need your voice in the media. 

I wish the Pig Save Trial had made big news outside of Canada. But here in the US (and probably elsewhere) we have an opportunity, brought to us by the Kentucky Derby, to discuss the use and abuse of animals for entertainment. The front page of the New York Times features a photo of a mare and her coal, Armani, sired by Triple Crown winner American Pharoah, with a fluff piece on the industry, and the excitement over American Pharaoh’s offspring discussed in a page B9 article titled, “First, It’s Baby Steps.” http://tinyurl.com/mf5agj8 Meanwhile Friday’s New York Times included a story on page B7, “The Race to Save a Colt,” about surgery on Mastery, who was expected to do well in, and quite possibly win, today’s Kentucky Derby, but who broke his leg as he won the Santa Felipe Stakes earlier this year. Lucky for him he is worth a fortune as a breeding stallion so he will not be shot. That story is on line at http://tinyurl.com/n7b8qum . It includes these lines:

“Injuries that horses sustain at the racetrack have caught the attention of animal rights activists who find it abhorrent that horses are run for the pleasure and profit of owners and gamblers. Over the past decade, Congress has held hearings that have shown the use of performance-enhancing drugs has eroded racing’s popularity — and its bottom line.”

The New York Times takes letters at letters@nytimes.com and letters to that influential paper are vital. But the Kentucky Derby results will definitely be in your local paper tomorrow. Please take the opportunity to send a quick letter to your editor noting that hundreds of race horses die at the track every year (Here’s last year’s Washington Post article on that http://tinyurl.com/hc7qgv6 ) and questioning the sport. You are very likely to be published in the paper of the city you live in. And please forgive me for repeating here, in case you missed it above, what I wrote to Canadian DawnWatchers: If you don’t know the correct email address for a letter to your editor and can’t find it with a quick Google search, then I am happy to help, and I hope you will store it for future regular use. Animals need your voice in the media.

  1. May 7, 2017 at 15:05

    The Anita Kranjc verdict did make the national papers here in the UK. It’s not unalloyed good news though. See this: https://animalistauntamed.com/2017/05/07/the-pig-trial-its-not-over-yet/

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