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No more excuses on live exports

Despite increasing opposition and protest amongst the general public, and even MPs, live exports are still occurring from the UK. For decades, successive British governments have blamed EU free trade law for their failure to ban this abhorrent trade. Now, at last, they are out of excuses.The clock is now ticking for Brexit, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ban the live export of UK farm animals. Can you help us take the final step?

If you think a long distance journey is uncomfortable – imagine spending up to 100 hours, squashed up against others, sometimes with little or no food or water, no ability to rest and no idea where you are going or why.

Tens of thousands of farm animals are exported from the UK each year. This is a massive reduction since the 1990s, when millions of animals endured this appalling trade. But we want to reduce it to zero. Together we’ve come so far – let’s end this now!

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