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Elephants in the news

An in-depth report on IFAW’s tenBoma programme has just been featured on NBC, one of the US’ biggest news channels. It explains what we’re trying to achieve so well that we wanted you to see it, too!
Reporters travelled to Kenya to interview our Chief of Staff and tenBoma programme architect, Lt Col Faye Cuevas, about the work we’re doing to protect elephants and fight poachers.

Faye talks about how seeing her first elephant in the wild changed her life – so much so that she moved her family to Africa and is now using the skills she learned in the military to stop poachers before they kill.

In the report, IFAW’s tenBoma programme is featured front and centre as one of the leading conservation efforts helping to combat poachers and the larger criminal networks that traffic ivory around the world.

With the tenBoma framework, IFAW, in coordination with local and global partners, uses information collected from communities, wildlife rangers, and police to predict – and prevent – a poacher’s next strike.

Every year, 20,000 elephants are killed for their ivory – that’s 55 elephants each day. Our mission is to bring this number down to zero. Thank you for standing with us.

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