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Blantyre Incinerator

The proposed incinerator will emit large toxic particles that are predicted to fall within a 600 metre radius and small toxic particles that may travel up to 18 Kilometers from the site. Within the 600 metre radius are hundreds of houses, a primary school and a “Showpeople/Traveller” residential site. There is a guideline minimum of 250 metres to any home from these types of Incinerators, the Showpeople site would be 83 metres door to door, in fact fenceline to fenceline the gap is only 12 metres.

As well as the toxins we have other concerns:

  • Potential contamination to adjacent Woodland and it’s wildlife
  • Site proximity to a “Green Corridor” that runs from the Clyde Valley past the site and further towards Glasgow
  • Smell 
  • Noise
  • Potential for uncontrolled fires 
  • Proximity to a Historic battlefield site (Battle of Bothwell Bridge).

We can stop this happening, protect our environment and safeguard the health of our community. In doing so we will also send a clear message to those planning other such developments happening across the country.

What We Need & What You Get

We are looking to raise three thousand pounds to fund our campaign against the granting of a SEPA operator’s licence to Clean Power Ltd. Our campaign is growing in size every week and we require this funding to continue. Funds raised will be spent on marketing and awareness products, travel, media submissions and general administration.

We are offering perks for contributions received, every single contribution regardless of size will receive a thank you.

We will also be:

  • Giving thank you “shout outs” on social media
  • Emailing certificates as acknowledgement of contributions 
  • Sending out our bespoke campaign badge designed by the children of our community
  • Providing a “blog spot” on our site, so people can have a chance to describe what they are feeling and thinking as the campaign moves forward.  

Why this is relevant to you

This campaign is relevant to everyone. The incinerator poses a health threat to anyone you may know in the area around where the site is planned. In the wider context this campaign demonstrates that communities can come together for a common purpose and fight against faceless big business who have no concern for the environment we live in.

Our Team

We have support from many different people. We have campaigners who successfully stopped another Incinerator that was planned in the area. We have MSPs and Councillors who have let their objection be known and regularly attend our meetings. Hamilton Accies Football Club Community Outreach Program is providing support. We have Professors, Professionals of various disciplines and a whole load of very passionate people determined to stop this Incinerator from happening.
We are organised, we have different subgroups pursuing different aspects of our campaign. Were having regular meetings, progress reports and issue reports. The Fundraising subgroup have put this Crowd Funding page together with the aim of supporting everyone else in a successful campaign.

Risks & Challenges

The planning consent was granted for the incinerator to Clean Power Ltd on the 14th August this year. The company have three years to get their operators licence, build the facility and put everything in place.

In fighting the operators license we have potentially a long campaign ahead that will take a lot of energy and resolve. We will continue growing our number of supporters online and at grass roots level. Being appropriately funded, organised and focused we will see this through.

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand some people simply can’t contribute, but there are other ways you can help:

  • Share this Funding page with everyone you know, by any means you can (Facebook/Twitter/Email/Text/Word of mouth).
  • Come and visit our Facebook page and learn more detail of our campaign www.facebook.com/HERAG2013
  • Sign petitions.
  • Send emails & Letters to the appropriate authorities.
  1. July 17, 2017 at 23:16

    Some residents in Blantyre have been dismayed to see that Clean Power Ltd have once again put in a new application for the waste processing “incinerator ” on the former Craghead School Site at Whistleberry on the boundaries of Blantyre and Hamilton.

    The controversial plans have evoked concerns around the chimney stack which is set to be 95 meters tall (3 times the height of Hamilton mausoleum ) possibly sending ash and toxic fumes over thecommunity.

    Letters of support or objection can be put to Planning services South Lanarkshire Council Montrose House, 154 Montrose Crescent, Hamilton, ML36LB or e-mail james.wright@southlanarkshire.gov.uk

    This directly affects Blantyre, especially areas of Low Blantyre. This is your chance, to have your say to planning and here on the page. We’ll be following this story carefully

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