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Compassion in world farming

September 20, 2017 Leave a comment Go to comments

The legal status of British animals as sentient beings is still under threat.In August, the UK government confirmed, directly to us, that they do not intend to amend the Repeal Bill. When they convert EU law into UK law, they are determined to ignore Article 13 of the EU Treaty – which serves to acknowledge that animals can feel pain, suffer and experience joy:

“This obligation will not be preserved by the EU (Withdrawal Bill); which delivers our promise to end the supremacy of EU law in the UK.”

– Defra Under Secretary of State, Lord Gardiner, August 2017

Parliament returned from their summer recess two weeks ago, and the Repeal Bill has now moved to the Committee Stage where it will be discussed in detail. There is still time to put things right – but we must act fast.

If you can, please commit to a monthly gift to Compassion today. Help fight factory farming and make sure all of the progress for British farm animals is not undone.

The petition in defence of Article 13 has now hit over 75,000 signatures – and we’ll be taking these messages directly to Defra. But there is still time to do more.

With your help we will lobby the Defra Secretary of State (Michael Gove) and his Ministers. We will step up our work to persuade individual MPs to put forward an amendment to the Repeal Bill. We will reach out through the press – and online – until we’ve proven the case for Article 13 through public support alone.

Animals can feel pain. Animals can feel joy. The sentience of animals must not be ignored.

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