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Article 50: ‘Brexit does not mean Brexit’ – who are the peers with EU pensions likely to frustrate Brexit and what have they said about it? – The Telegraph

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PETA sues department of agriculture 

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hqdefaultPETA, a coalition of other organizations and Harvard Animal Law & Policy Fellow Delcianna Winders just filed a lawsuit this morning in U.S. district court. Hitting the “delete” key on inspection reports and other documents was illegal, the suit argues, and the agency must reinstate every one of them and add all new records in the future.

We’re not going to let the feds get away with hiding abuse at roadside zoos, laboratories, circuses, and other facilities that exploit animals!

Fox hunting and Scotland 

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fox-hunting-ban-protest-riders-629562The current fox hunting law in Scotland is full of loopholes that mean fox hunting continues to take place under the guise of pest control despite it being banned under the Protection of Wild Mammals Act. That’s why we were pleased to see the Scottish Government commit to strengthening the Act last month. A public consultation will now take place, and we hope it will take us one step closer to banning this inhumane practice for once and for all. Read our full response to the Scottish Government’s commitment here.

Charity dinner in aid of animals

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CHARITABLE CAUSES OAK AND FURROWS WILDLIFE RESCUE CENTRE Charity Gala Dinner and Auction, 4th March 2017 – MORE INFO If you have a fondness or a passion for wildlife, or simply vague feelings of guilt about the plight of our many UK species of wild fauna, please consider helping with a donation to Oak and […]

via Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson invites you to a Fundraiser for UK Wildlife — Exposing the Big Game

Protect the Wolves

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The HSUS joined several national and local conservation groups this week to challenge an attempt by trophy hunting interests to reopen some of the cruelest hunting practices on federal lands in Alaska. Photo by Alamy Time to end the era of aerial gunning of wolves by Wayne Pacelle February 9, 2017 One of the […]

via Time to end the era of aerial gunning of wolves — Exposing the Big Game

Trophy Hunting

February 12, 2017 1 comment A new report released by the Humane Society International (HSI) finds that trophy hunters are “grossly” overstating the economic benefits of big game hunting in Africa. HSI timed the release of the report to coincide with the start of Safari Club International’s (SCI) annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 1. US-based SCI, […]

via Trophy hunters overstate contribution of big game hunting to African economies: Report — Exposing the Big Game

Cineworld workers strike

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downloadRight now, staff at Picturehouse are walking out on strike for a living wage.
Working in an independent cinema should not mean living on poverty wages. But that’s how it is for staff at Picturehouse. Now more than ever the workers need the support of the community.

Mooky Greidinger, CEO of Cineworld (owners of Picturehouse Cinemas), knows film lovers and Picturehouse members don’t want to see the staff exploited. That’s why pressure from customers will make a difference. When the local community and staff come together, employers start to listen.

Sign this petition to tell Mooky and Picturehouse to pay their staff a living wage!

The public image of Picturehouse cinemas has already been tarnished by rows over low pay. Film fans across the country have criticised poor pay for cinema staff when they are forking out £13 or more to watch a movie.

Mark and his partner Philippa have worked in Picturehouse cinemas for over five years. When they are unwell they often have to choose between going to work ill or losing a day’s pay. They would like to have a child but worry about losing income because the company only offers statutory parental pay.

What the staff at Picturehouse are asking for isn’t unreasonable: a real living wage when Mooky’s pay works out at £575 per hour. But they need your help to make this happen.

Please back the Picturehouse staff by signing their petition: