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PETA sues department of agriculture 

February 14, 2017 Leave a comment

hqdefaultPETA, a coalition of other organizations and Harvard Animal Law & Policy Fellow Delcianna Winders just filed a lawsuit this morning in U.S. district court. Hitting the “delete” key on inspection reports and other documents was illegal, the suit argues, and the agency must reinstate every one of them and add all new records in the future.

We’re not going to let the feds get away with hiding abuse at roadside zoos, laboratories, circuses, and other facilities that exploit animals!

Fox hunting and Scotland 

February 12, 2017 Leave a comment

fox-hunting-ban-protest-riders-629562The current fox hunting law in Scotland is full of loopholes that mean fox hunting continues to take place under the guise of pest control despite it being banned under the Protection of Wild Mammals Act. That’s why we were pleased to see the Scottish Government commit to strengthening the Act last month. A public consultation will now take place, and we hope it will take us one step closer to banning this inhumane practice for once and for all. Read our full response to the Scottish Government’s commitment here.

Protect the Wolves

February 12, 2017 Leave a comment

The HSUS joined several national and local conservation groups this week to challenge an attempt by trophy hunting interests to reopen some of the cruelest hunting practices on federal lands in Alaska. Photo by Alamy Time to end the era of aerial gunning of wolves by Wayne Pacelle February 9, 2017 One of the […]

via Time to end the era of aerial gunning of wolves — Exposing the Big Game

Trophy Hunting

February 12, 2017 1 comment A new report released by the Humane Society International (HSI) finds that trophy hunters are “grossly” overstating the economic benefits of big game hunting in Africa. HSI timed the release of the report to coincide with the start of Safari Club International’s (SCI) annual convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 1. US-based SCI, […]

via Trophy hunters overstate contribution of big game hunting to African economies: Report — Exposing the Big Game

Rabbit farming and EU

February 9, 2017 Leave a comment

Rabbits are the second most farmed animahqdefaultls in Europe, but they aren’t protected by species-specific laws. Every year, an estimated 320 million* rabbits are incarcerated in overcrowded, barren cages and lead truly horrific lives.Together, we can change this. But we need to show MEPs how to vote. We need to put them face-to-face with the facts, and with the animals they must protect. Please, if you can, back the rabbit billboard invasion and fight to End the Cage Age.

Snares in Scotland

February 9, 2017 Leave a comment

Snares are used across Scotland primarily to catch foxes on shooting estates. However, they are indiscriminate in what they catch and often capture protected species like badgers and otters as well as mountain hares, hedgehogs, deer, and family pets.
So far over 750 people have taken the action. If you haven’t added your name yet, then there’s still time to do it!foxsnarememe2

We want Scottish politicians to demand a complete ban on snares, but we need your help to make this happen. They need to know that their constituents want them to do it. It only takes a few seconds to do and it will automatically email your MSPs asking them to support a Snare-Free Scotland.

Please feel free to share this email with your family, friends and colleagues and encourage them to contact their MSPs too.

PETA Action

February 6, 2017 Leave a comment

PETA’s fight to get animals out of laboratories, circuses, and roadside zoos has been so successful that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will apparently go to any length to stop it. But we won’t let that happen. For months—long before President Donald Trump took charge—the USDA has been quietly planning to remove all inspection and annual reports of facilities that confine animals. The agency stopped reporting its serious enforcement actions last fall, and PETA was on it then, questioning officials about this lack of transparency. Now, all the information about how many animals are caged at each facility and how they’ve violated laws and regulations is gone, too.
This information is crucial to PETA’s work to make sure that the USDA actually does its job. Our dozens of investigations, such as our undercover work at notorious monkey dealer Primate Products, Inc.—where we found monkeys cowering in fear and so neglected that they had frostbite and open, untreated wounds—show that the USDA can’t be trusted to enforce animal-protection laws and regulations. Now, the agency is shielding itself—and the animal exploiters—from scrutiny.
PETA legal team is crafting a plan right now! And we won’t stop until we get every animal out of every laboratory, circus, and anyplace else where they’re suffering.